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Things to do near our Holiday accommodation in the north york moors national park.

The York National Railway Museum.


Even if you are not a train buff the National Railway Museum in York as still a very interesting place to visit.
With Free entree to the museum you have nothing to lose, even though you dont havae to pay to get in all donations are very welcome welcome.
Not only can you spend the day looking at all the fantastic trains on display they also have a section of royal coaches that are quite fascinating even to the none train enthusiast.

They also put on a 'Whodunnit' called "The Missing Passenger" to pass the time away and stretch the old grey matter. This runs until 3rd September 2017.

You are supplied with a booklet that guides you around the exhibit giving clues as you go around. Using the clues and statements supplied and your powers of observation you have to then work out who committed the crime.
Easy, you say? Go and have a look.

York is only around 19 miles up the A19 from or holiday accommodation just into the north york moors national park.

Holiday accommodation in the north york moors national park.

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